About Me

Hello My name is Jessica I'm 39 years old and I'm a "Self Taught" graphic designer.  This is my blog dedicated to mobile theming, I've always been into art, creative writing, and writing poetry as a kid and teenager so I guess you could say I was drawn to this.  

I started personalizing my Android phone in 2012 back when there wasn't that many people in the theming community.  Themers like, (MommaDeuce, SweetxPoison, Mommy Lhey were a few of my go to themers)
In 2014 I created DAZZLEMYDROID and started posting my themes, Wallpapers, and widgets on Instagram.  I had a lot of supporters and decided to start this blog in 2015 to share and showcase my work.
DAZZLEMYDROID paved the way for me to begin designing logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, and Media Kits. I decided to start my own
Online Graphic Design Business called:
Creative Flow Designz
I love the idea of taking an idea and bringing it to life with different colors, patterns, and designs. I hope you keep coming back.