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So recently I've gotten quite a bit of feedback regarding the App SUPER STATUS BAR (which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store). A lot of people either aren't sure how to use this App, how to customize it, or how to change the carrier image. So I thought I would post a tutorial showing you the basics,  how to download the premium version, and how to change the carrier image.
After you download the App in the Google Play store and click OPEN, you will see this screen above.  In order to use personal themes you download from other websites or bloggers, you will have to purchase the premium version. So click on PREMIUM
Once you click on the Premium tab, the screen above will come up. It gives you the option to purchase it through either the Google Play store or the Amazon App store.  I purchased mine through the Google Play Store.

If you opted to purchase the premium version through the Google Play Store than you will be redirected to this page. Click on BUY and than it will take you to the Google Play store where you can than put it either your credit card info, Bill to your mobile carrier, or if you have Google credits you can use them. (However you choose to purchase it) Once you've purchased the premium version, you will be redirected back to this screen above where you'll have to wait a couple of minutes for your purchase to set in. I waited about 10 minutes and just kept checking back into the App periodically.  Once it does you'll have access to the themes tab. From there you can download load themes and customize everything.

You can go into the elements tab, where you'll see this screen above.  You can change the color of your clock and the font. You can change the date color, font, and add a wallpaper to your notification drop down bar.  As you can see from my orange status bar in the pictures, I used a theme that I downloaded from another awesome site
All I did was change the color of the status bar to orange to match the wallpaper I was using at that time, and I changed the carrier image to show the Drama Queen icon I downloaded from another amazing blog
Once you reach this screen above you'll see all of the different options you have available, and you can play around with it to change the status bar to how you want it to look.
When you click on the "THEME" tab you'll be directed to this page above.  The App itself gives you a couple of basic, black and white themes. In order to get the themes above you will have to download them from different Web sites. There are a lot of different bloggers who make SSB themes. I found most of my themes HERE. To add a theme just check the box next to the one you want. Click the arrow at the top left hand of the screen, next to the SSB logo. Go back to the main menu and use the slider next to the little hand at the top right hand corner. When you slide it over, it will turn blue. This turns on the super status bar and your theme should be applied.

In order to change the carrier image in the super status bar. A couple of steps need to be taken. It's fairly easy to do once you get the hang of it. It took me a couple of hours messing around with it before I figured it though. Lol. First off click on the ADVANCED tab in the main menu. Click on the FIRST DROP DOWN BOX and you'll see a couple of different options. Click on the one that says "CUSTOM WITH CARRIER"  exactly as it's shown in the picture above. This keeps the custom theme but adds the carrier image you choose in it.
Next make sure you go to the elements tab in the main menu and click on the CARRIER TAB.  It will look exactly like the screen above.  Scroll down to the option "USE SDCARD IMAGE" and click on the little slider button next to it turning that option on. The slider next to USE SDCARD IMAGE should be to the left highlighting it blue. This allows you to use your own image which we are about to get into next.
After you followed both steps above your ready to change the carrier image. In order to change the carrier image in the SSB app you'll need to use whatever file manager you use to move, copy, and rename files. I have the Note 3 so I just click on my applications menu and go to the App called MY FILES. Once I click on my files I see the above screen. I personally save everything (my themes, widgets, wallpapers, and apps)  in my Dropbox App including my carrier images. So I just click on the Dropbox option shown above and scroll down to my folder that I created and named CARRIER IMAGES SSB. NOTE: If you are also using the Dropbox App for your files and you haven't created any folders to organize your things that's okay. Just click on the Dropbox icon in your file manager app and you should be able to scroll down until you see the carrier image you want to use. Once I'm in my Dropbox folder I see the screen below. Those are just some of the carrier images I have downloaded from other websites.
Once you have decided on the carrier image you want to show in your super status bar all you have to do is LONG PRESS on the image and a green check mark will show next to the image you chose.  Then press the MENU BUTTON on your phone. After you press the menu button choose the option that says COPY. 
Once you've pressed COPY you will be redirected to the screen above. You then want to scroll down until you find the folder titled ANDROID click on that folder. You will be directed to the screen below.
Once you have reached this screen you want to click on the folder title DATA. You will then be directed to the screen below.
Once you reach this screen above you want to scroll down until you locate the folder titled COM.FIREZENK.SSB and click on it. Once you do you will be redirected to the screen below.
Once you've reached the screen above you want to click on the folder titled CARRIERS as shown in the picture above. Once you click on that folder you will be in the super status bar carrier folder. You then want to click PASTE HERE which will be located in the upper right hand corner of this screen. After doing this you will see the image that you chose and clicked copy on is now pasted in this folder. NOTE: If this is your first time changing the carrier image Then your screen won't look like mine does below. You will only see 1 carrier image (which is the default image for the App) along with the image you just pasted in the folder. The default carrier image will look like just like the image shown in the picture below titled CARRIER22.PNG (I renamed that image carrier22.png it was named carrier.png)
In order to apply the image you have chosen and pasted in this folder you will need to rename it. So what I did was LONG PRESS on the DEFAULT CARRIER IMAGE and select RENAME.  You can rename it anything you want. (I renamed mine carrier22 it was the first thing that came to my mind lol) After you renamed the DEFAULT IMAGE you want to LONG PRESS on the image you do want to show in the status bar and select RENAME.  NOTE: YOU HAVE TO RENAME THIS IMAGE "CARRIER", IF YOU DON'T RENAME THE IMAGE YOU WANT TO USE SIMPLY "CARRIER" THEN IT WILL NOT WORK. After you've done that exit out of your file app and go into the SUPER STATUS BAR APP. Make sure you followed the steps above and you have the "CUSTOM WITH CARRIER" option selected in the advanced tab, and the "USE SDCARD IMAGE " option selected under the carrier tab in the app. Then simply turn on the Super status bar. VOILA.... You should see the carrier image you selected in the right hand corner of your status bar. If it doesn't show then try turning off the status bar app and turning it right back on again.

I hope this helped anyone having issues with the SUPER STATUS BAR APP.
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  1. So so so so sad..
    I've used this customization app for years and just upgraded to the s6 that doesn't have external storage, now I can't use this.. 👎👎

  2. So so so so sad..
    I've used this customization app for years and just upgraded to the s6 that doesn't have external storage, now I can't use this.. 👎👎