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Sooooo I know there are a lot of people who may be new to the theming community or just new to customizing your phone all together.  I've recently had an overwhelming amount of emails, DM's and kiks from different people asking for help theming their phones. So I thought I would drop some basic tutorials for some of the apps I and a lot of other people in the community use. There are also some other amazing themers who have great tutorials on their blogs as well so don't get discouraged if you don't know how to do certain things with your phone. I am going to try my best to add as many tutorials as I can. Just give me time. 

This tutorial is on UCCW (ULTIMATE CUSTOM CLOCK WIDGET). It is a free app and most ask of the UCCW skins you'll find on blogs are free. All of mine are. 
To download it from the playstore click the link below♡

Click the link above to download the UCCW app from the playstore. You should be directed to this below♡

Go download a uccw skin from either the play store or from someone's blog. I'll use mine for this tutorial

ALWAYS SAVE YOUR FILES TO YOUR DROPBOX or any other file mngr first. Most all themers will not resend links out and a lot of people delete older files to save space. Plus it's good for you to keep all of your goodies in 1 place.

You can either create your own folder to save it in (I started making different folders for each themer so I knew who made what and could give proper credit out when tagging each themer). Or you can use a folder you already have set up and click save like you see below♡

Then click your back button and press "open with"

A message box will pop up. Press yes and "only once" like you see below

You should be redirected back to this screen below and see a message that says "unpacking skin"

If you go to your notifications you should see this message telling you that your skin has been unpacked and ready to use♡

Now go to your home screen and long press on it to bring up your menu or depending n your phone model press your phones menu button. Once the menu pops up, press edit. 

Next make sure the widget tab is highlighted and press "system widgets"

Scroll through your apps until you see the UCCW app and press it♡

Another size menu will pop up. I always press the first one since you can always resize it to fit your screen how you want it to be♡

A screen will pop up with a list of every uccw you have installed on your phone. Scroll down until you see the one you want to use, or if this is your first time you will see the uccw you downloaded from the blog on this screen. Press it.

You'll be redirected back to your home screen and you'll see the UCCWUCCW skin loading like the pic below. 

Pues your home screen and the skin will show but it will be very small. Just long press on the skin and you'll see green arrows around it so you can resize it. 

Once you resize it how you want it to look. You are all done. You just learned how to use the UCCW app. This is the end result below♡


●The theme (icons) I used in my pics is from +Tiffany Lewis @Tiffanydujoie and it is from her "FRESH" theme for Android. You can get this by going to her blog at:
●The wallpaper used in my pics is from @jenn
@Gabbell_iphonemizee and it is her "POP ART" theme. You can get this by going to her blog at:
●The Beweather theme I used is from +Droidlicious Diva it is one of her Paris themes and you can download this one by going to her blog at:


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